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Distances from Addis Ababa

Distances from Addis Ababa to the largest cities and places in Ethiopia. Have a closer look at the distances from Addis Ababa to the largest places in Ethiopia.

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Distances from Addis Ababa to the largest places in Ethiopia
Sebeta Sebeta1.19,53319 km 12 mishow
Genet Genet2.23,75328 km 17 mishow
Sendafa Sendafa3.7,32634 km 21 mishow
Adis `Alem Ādīs ‘Alem4.9,85938 km 24 mishow
Bishoftu Bishoftu5.104,21540 km 25 mishow
Mojo Mojo6.34,54764 km 40 mishow
Tulu Bolo Tulu Bolo7.10,53171 km 44 mishow
Nazret Nazrēt8.213,99578 km 48 mishow
Fiche Fichē9.25,75886 km 54 mishow
Wenji Wenjī10.17,12087 km 54 mishow
Gebre Guracha Gebre Guracha11.16,58394 km 59 mishow
Hagere Hiywet Hāgere Hiywet12.43,92099 km 61 mishow
Waliso Waliso13.38,394102 km 63 mishow
Guder Guder14.12,569108 km 67 mishow
Butajira Butajīra15.30,502109 km 68 mishow
Debre Birhan Debre Birhan16.57,787113 km 70 mishow
Sirre Sirre17.10,089113 km 70 mishow
Huruta Huruta18.12,442118 km 73 mishow
Ziway Ziway19.49,416122 km 76 mishow
Metahara Metahāra20.23,403129 km 80 mishow
Gedo Gēdo21.7,499143 km 89 mishow
Dejen Dejen22.11,739144 km 89 mishow
Debre Sina Debre Sīna23.9,409144 km 90 mishow
Awash Āwash24.11,415156 km 97 mishow
Bichena Bichena25.16,411170 km 105 mishow
Abomsa Abomsa26.15,258173 km 107 mishow
Debre Mark'os Debre Mark’os27.59,920185 km 115 mishow
Were Ilu Were Īlu28.7,636190 km 118 mishow
Shambu Shambu29.15,354191 km 119 mishow
Debre Werk' Debre Werk’30.10,579194 km 120 mishow
Gelemso Gelemso31.16,065196 km 122 mishow
K'olito K’olīto32.25,614204 km 127 mishow
Shashemene Shashemenē33.85,871204 km 127 mishow
Kofele Kofelē34.9,643218 km 136 mishow
Asasa Āsasa35.23,790220 km 137 mishow
Hawassa Hawassa36.133,097221 km 137 mishow
Bedesa Bedēsa37.17,526224 km 139 mishow
Kemise Kemisē38.23,861225 km 140 mishow
Dodola Dodola39.23,116232 km 144 mishow
Asbe Teferi Āsbe Teferī40.30,772233 km 145 mishow
Leku Leku41.11,398242 km 150 mishow
Gewane Gewanē42.11,279244 km 152 mishow
Areka Āreka43.33,150247 km 153 mishow
Finote Selam Finote Selam44.23,463247 km 154 mishow
Boditi Bodītī45.32,997249 km 155 mishow
Kombolcha Kombolcha46.93,605254 km 158 mishow
Dese Desē47.136,056254 km 158 mishow
Yirga `Alem Yirga ‘Alem48.36,292256 km 159 mishow
Jima Jīma49.128,306259 km 161 mishow
Hirna Hīrna50.12,295260 km 161 mishow

1 - 50 of 107 places
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