Largest places in Ethiopia

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Largest places in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa Addis Ababa1.Addis Ababa Addis Ababa2,757,729
Jijiga Jijiga2.Somali Somali483,000
Gondar Gondar3.Amhara Amhara443,156
Mek'ele Mek'ele4.Tigray Tigray436,910
Nazret Nazrēt5.Oromiya Oromiya435,222
Hawassa Hawassa6.SNNPR SNNPR403,288
Bahir Dar Bahir Dar7.Amhara Amhara332,856
Dire Dawa Dire Dawa8.Dire Dawa Dire Dawa277,000
Dese Desē9.Amhara Amhara257,126
Jimma Jimma10.Oromiya Oromiya239,022
Shashemene Shashemenē11.Oromiya Oromiya208,368
Bishoftu Bishoftu12.Oromiya Oromiya197,557
Sodo Sodo13.SNNPR SNNPR194,977
Arba Minch Arba Minch14.SNNPR SNNPR192,043
Hosa'ina Hosa’ina15.SNNPR SNNPR179,761
Harar Harar16.Harari Harari153,000
Debre Birhan Debre Birhan17.Amhara Amhara139,724
Debre Mark'os Debre Mark’os18.Amhara Amhara133,810
Kombolcha Kombolcha19.Amhara Amhara125,654
Debre Tabor Debre Tabor20.Amhara Amhara119,176
Adigrat Ādīgrat21.Tigray Tigray116,193
Goba Goba22.Oromiya Oromiya54,630
Inda Silase Inda Silasē23.Tigray Tigray50,078
Ziway Ziway24.Oromiya Oromiya49,416
Dila Dīla25.SNNPR SNNPR47,021
Hagere Hiywet Hāgere Hiywet26.Oromiya Oromiya43,920
Gambela Gambēla27.Gambela Gambela42,366
Axum Axum28.Tigray Tigray41,249
Waliso Waliso29.Oromiya Oromiya38,394
Lasoano Lasoano30.Somali Somali38,000
Qorof Qorof31.Somali Somali37,080
Yirga `Alem Yirga ‘Alem32.SNNPR SNNPR36,292
Yamarugley Yamarugley33.Somali Somali36,000
Mojo Mojo34.Oromiya Oromiya34,547
Shakiso Shakiso35.Oromiya Oromiya34,078
Fadhigaradle Fadhigaradle36.Somali Somali34,000
Neefkuceliye Neefkuceliye37.Somali Somali34,000
Felege Neway Felege Neway38.SNNPR SNNPR33,429
Areka Āreka39.SNNPR SNNPR33,150
Boditi Bodītī40.SNNPR SNNPR32,997
Jinka Jinka41.SNNPR SNNPR32,115
Gimbi Gimbi42.Oromiya Oromiya31,809
Asbe Teferi Āsbe Teferī43.Oromiya Oromiya30,772
Korem Korem44.Tigray Tigray30,633
Asosa Āsosa45.Binshangul Gumuz Bīnshangul Gumuz30,512
Butajira Butajīra46.SNNPR SNNPR30,502
Metu Metu47.Oromiya Oromiya29,648
Agaro Āgaro48.Oromiya Oromiya28,268
Kibre Mengist Kibre Mengist49.Oromiya Oromiya27,854
Maych'ew Maych’ew50.Tigray Tigray27,186

1 - 50 of 121 places
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